After Math: A glimmer of hope



Back in March when the COVID-19 lockdowns went into effect, Comcast made the unexpectedly helpful gesture of opening its 1.5 million nationwide hotspots to the public. However, the plan was only to do so for 60 days. But since the pandemic has in no way abated over the past two months, Comcast has decided to keep those hotspots available through the end of the year.



Summer is in full swing, even if it isn’t sensible or safe to go outside just yet. Instead, hunker down in your bunker as presidential as you can be and try your hand at nearly 1000 playable demos as part of Steam’s summer game festival!



Speaking of being a shut-in, Google is taking steps to help keep its users connected to the outside world with a 32-person upgrade to its Duo video conferencing software. That’s still not to the same level as Facebook’s 50-user Portal rooms but really, do you even know 32 people?



Even Zuckerberg is in on the cheery news-train. His company did some good last week by promising to invest $200 million to help combat systemic racism in the business community.

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