CNN Fact-Checker: “Trump Relentlessly Dishonest About the Coronavirus”

According to Daniel Dale, a CNN fact-checker, “Trump has been relentlessly dishonest about the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s a
video breakdown of some of his important recent nonsense about the state of the crisis, about testing, and about ventilators.”

IMO, there are several aspects of Trump’s handling of COVID-19 that should ensure his defeat in November (if he manages not to be removed for treason before that), i.e., his “relentless dishonesty” and the propaganda machine that supports it (Fox News) has led to the avoidable deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Americans, all while trashing the economy, destroying the quality of life for tens of millions.

Once you’ve watched the video, ask yourself how it’s possible for anyone to vote for Trump’s re-election.  Then realize that, even with the polls the way they are now, you live with more than 53 million voters (and God only knows how many non-voters) who think he’s God’s gift to America.

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