Eco-Friendly Fourth of July Tips

This year, you can make the Fourth of July a more sustainable one. Check out our tips to keep in mind at your next celebration or cookout.

Grill time

When it comes to firing up the grill, here’s how to keep it green:

  • Natural gas burns cleaner than charcoal.
  • If you have to use charcoal, there are organic and natural alternatives (often made from hardwoods) that burn easily with no chemical residue.
  • Make sure you’re heating your grill only for as long as you need.
  • And clean out your grill regularly in order to make sure you’re using it effectively!
On the menu

From snacks to dessert, you can easily reduce the carbon footprint of your meal. Give the following a try:

  • Beef production creates 11x more greenhouse gases than plant-based foods — and with all the meatless alternatives out there, it’s time for a swap!
  • If it’s not the Fourth without a burger for you, another option would be to use turkey or chicken. They both have a lower carbon impact than their meatier counterpart.
  • Shop for local and in-season fruits as a fresh and healthy appetizer alternative to processed and overly packaged snacks.
Décor and tableware

When it comes to decorating and table setting, making it simple also helps make it sustainable.

  • Reuse decorations or invest in some that can be used more flexibly. For example, a chalkboard can be decorated with a festive message to help set the theme any time of year.
  • Get creative with art supplies and recycled goods. Think about streamers made from shredded paper or flags painted on cardboard to really keep your carbon footprint low.
  • Use your everyday flatware instead of plastic utensils. This one is fairly simple — it eliminates plastic waste and makes good use out of what you already have.
  • And for a pop of color, incorporate greenery from your backyard into your table arrangements.

We hope you have a safe summer holiday and look forward to sharing more tips about helping protect our planet. For more information about staying green, subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Posted June 26, 2020
Written by GME Marketing

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