Misinformation and More. Solar Power Works.

Enjoy my videos on Youtube Never Be Without Power again. My Three most used sayings are.



  • Heck I thought that the sun is expected to be turned off due to some legislation and that is why we can not count on solar? Hahahah

    Man get you some Sheep and never cut grass again. I have them and at the end of the year I eat the lawn mower.
    I need to upgrade and add a totally new system. I could give a rip about code or insurance. I just want it to be safe and efficient if that is more expensive then that is still what I want.
    Awesome Video. Jim

  • love your videos sir ,very informative ,ive got 3.8 my self hoping by next spring to double that , im so tired of our electric company putting the screws to us,anyway keep up the great videos your my favorite solar man ,well choppy dog and mr fish comes first but your at least third lol keep em up brother

  • most people ive seen that are dead set against solar are either pro wind turbines or anti renewable energy.
    nice tip on the victron information i will check that out.
    i know we make less power on the wet cloudy days but with a 5kw solar system we still bring in 500w an hour and much much much more if the clouds decide to part.

  • Poly wants a cracker…but can't produce a lot of power on cloudy and low light days! Solar panels just…work…you size the system correctly, you can live off the system reliably. ALWAYS spec your solar for the Winter time!! Just a thought mate, did you think of wind turbines to give you a helping hand during Winter time mate? May be an alternative to the gennie?

  • What type of panels would work best in the southern US? We have hot humid summers with alot of cloud cover for some of the day every day. During the winter we have mainly clear skies. My home is south facing on the back. Just want to ask someone who uses solar vs a salesman trying to sell me on his product

  • Nice video, We have had no problems with our house solar system and have all the modern appliances, big screen tv ,PC ,vacuum cleaner .

    The only time when you notice we are off the grid is when the properties around us loose power and we don't 🙂

  • Nice. Looks like you have an excellent setup. Thanks for showing us and for dispelling all the false notions.

    I live in Louisiana (about 80 km NW of New Orleans) and while we have lots of good sunny weather, we can also have stretches that are cloudy and rainy, much like you were having in your video. So your information is immensely helpful.

    Best to you.

  • Do you still use the victron energy charge controller as I didn't see it on the shed wall?.
    Your weather looks like or British summer. We've had Around 2-3 weeks of overcast weather and I still run our solar set up each and every day but we just cut back on the heavy loads.

  • Of course you can run your house on solar 100% 🙂 You are proof of it. I run mine too and running 100% on solar 10 out of 12 months here. That with all the gear in the house and my family dont care of the battery SOC 🙂

  • hahaha love the video. piss on those morons most likely employees of the big power companies that are pissed they are losing out on money because people are tired of being rapped in the ass by there over priced shit that dont work all the time. Hell like here in the States so many places are trying there damdest to keep people from going off grid. but we will keep fighting back.

    Brother I know your system. Hell I run a lot of just my small system as back up. were with out power one day for 12 hours and hell it was nice and sunny out. so I ran fans and lights and eve the TV. NO ac because it was to much but hell it ran all day untile the power was restored and was able to turn the AC's back on but we survived, even the wife survived with out ac LOL. so yea I have a small system with only 240 amp hours and I had to make sure my back stayed at the 10 amp power or less draw to last long when I hit 20 amp hour draw they go fast or at least the voltages drops fast. But other than that man it ran like a dream the only one that had power in all of Opdyke. hell I had 7 people wanting to charge there cell phone witch I told them it would not work since the cell towers and internet towers were down. But hell I let them charge them.

    but I'm glad I met people like you and get to learn from a great channel. Always thanks for sharing what you do.

  • Just remember… the world is full of doubters. By using excuses they can keep their heads in the sand and keep living the way they have been without learning something new… Carry on, please keep the videos coming and thanks for showing the correct way to do things…

  • Hey Justin, got a question for you. I have a 48volt 220 ah battery bank with a total of two banks of four 110 ah 12 volt batteries. Which is total of eight batteries. All sealed AGMs. I'm trying to get some 2volt 500ah I believe fork truck batteries with one dead cell from my job they are going to replace all of them at scrap price which may cost me 4 or 5 hundred. A total of 12. Do you think it is a bad idea to mix different ah batteries and battery types. Agm and vented lead acid? These batteries are beyond my budget new, so just a one time thing? What you think dude? Should I use them on something else. My back up plan for expanding my battery bank is 8 new 6 volt 220ah agms at a cost of 1600 and cost of cables. How's my options sound? Cheers mate!

  • Those are people who buy a 100w panel and then try to run a window air conditioner. Or they have a 100w invert and try to run a 600w window air con and it does not work. Oh yea they did not read that the power on surge maybe 1500w . You tell them sir build it right it will work

  • My 2kW array only produced 800Wh today. Mainly because I didn't get here from Canberra until 4.30pm. That's 800Wh to recharge the batteries from sundown the day before.

    800Wh to run the fridge, the inverter and overcome the internal resistance of the batteries.

    On a day like you had here, with plenty of overcast and rain, I can completely recharge my batteries. It's not so good when it's absolutely flogging down rain all day, however.

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