Tesla Model S Shames Ferrari F12 In A Drag Race (Video)


Published on June 29th, 2020 |
by Iqtidar Ali

June 29th, 2020 by  

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In the midst of many cool Tesla races, a video clip of a 1/4-mile drag race between a Tesla Model S P100D and Ferrari F12 displays yet another insult to the internal combustion engine — this pricey Italian exotic was at the mercy of an all-electric family sedan. But, there was no mercy.

The Tesla Model S Performance is the world’s quickest 0–60 mph production car, clocking in at just 2.3 seconds. And with the launch of a Tri-Motor Plaid variant sometime later this year, expect that time to be shaved down a little further.

Credit to Matteo Valenza (Note: The race starts at 1 minutes and 35 seconds in)

It’s not the first time that the 6.5L V12 Ferrari F12 has challenged a Tesla. As you can see, the Ferrari F12 was also defeated by a Tesla Model 3 Performance in 200M and 400M drag races on this abandoned airport runway.

The specs of the Ferrari F12 (see table below) show that it is ~1360 lb lighter with more torque than the Model S P100D. However, the Ferrari lacks the instant torque that helped the electric beast win this race in such a ferocious manner.

Tesla Model S Performance vs. Ferrari F12 performance specs comparison.Tesla Model S Performance vs. Ferrari F12 performance specs comparison (Source: Tesla / Ferrari)

The reign of ICE sports cars always winning at the track is certainly starting to fade away. Some automakers have realized this early — Porsche, for instance, made a smart move introducing its new Taycan EV. Can it rival the performance of a Tesla? Well, it has already challenged the Tesla Model S P100D multiple times and the clear winner isn’t too clear … yet.

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