The Raw Power of Nature

Here’s an exciting
video that reminds us of the awesome power of nature.  Wow.  That’s a lot of energy.

Where does all this energy come from?   Early on in the 2GreenEnergy part of my career, I put together this energy infographic to answer that precise question.

Notice that a great deal of the energy available for our use comes from the sun in real-time.  In fact, Earth receives 6000 times more power from the sun than the entire population consumes.  This, of course, forms the imperative to develop our capacity to turn that power into electricity via solar panels and wind turbines.

This is also a reminder that we’re storing too much of this incoming energy as heat in our atmosphere.  As you watch the video, ask yourself, “OK, I see a hurricane uproot a tree or lightening blowing something up.  Where did that energy come from?

Well, it’s the sun, which, due to the greenhouse effect, is changing the climate, causing more storms with more power with each passing decade.

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