Trump Administration Props Up Declining Coal Industry

The Energy Department has announced a new initiative that aims to boost the declining coal industry by making about $122 million available to discover new uses for the fossil fuel.

New uses?  Well, coal gets burned and the energy stored in its chemical bonds gets released.  In the process, CO2, methane, toxic heavy metals and radioactive isotopes are released into our atmosphere.  What one does with that energy doesn’t really matter.

I wish I could name something that Trump and his administration has done that was good for the well-being of the American people.  We’ve received environmental degradation,  a weakened education system, a huge increase in the national debt that our children will be paying off with higher taxes, racial hatred and violence, a completely incompetent response to the pandemic, resulting in 130K deaths and millions of illnesses, and an economy perched on the edge of recession and possible depression.

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