Trump Preps Base for Response To a “Rigged” Election

Yes, he’s prepping his base to start a civil war if he loses in November.

Not sure how well they’ll do against 800K law enforcement personnel with SWAT equipment, assisted as necessary by 1.3 million U.S. military personnel with  hundreds of billions of dollars budgeted for war machines.  Every single one of these folks has sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, and if that requires quelling an uprising with force, that’s what’s going to happen–fast, and hard.

Obviously, everyone hopes things don’t escalate to that point, we can all imagine public service announcements that go something like this: “If you’re brandishing a firearm, the best you can hope for is a six-month jail sentence.  If you appear poised to use that firearm, every law enforcement officer in this country understands that he has the duty to shoot to kill.”

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